Our Approach to Learning

Strong personalised curriculum

Our Centre’s goal is to support the families in raising children to be inquisitive, independent learners. We believe that all children have the potential to love learning. Therefore a strong, personalised curriculum is designed to help them find that special something that ignites their curiosity and creativity.

We strive to share with children the beauty of books, music, songs, and nature. Special corners dedicated to reading, painting and sciences have been organised so that children with different interests and learning styles can find something that is interesting and exciting for them.

All our educational programs diligently follow the current standards and requirements for Early Childhood Education, leading right up to school-readiness through play based and role playing activities.

Celebrating diverse cultures

One of the wonderful things about Inner Sydney life is the diversity that we experience. Concepts of empathy, acceptance and appreciation for different cultures are important in the modern world, so we include a particular focus on diversity, with a special appreciation and respect to traditional custodians of the land and their culture.

The majority of our Centre staff are bi-lingual and have an understanding of how children and families from different cultures interact. We value and celebrate cultural heritages of the families in our Centre and aim to share, learn and enjoy each other’s differences.

As people of Australia we have a great sensitivity to preserving and passing on appreciation and respect for traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Children in our care get introduced to Indigenous art and music through lessons and performances by local Indigenous dancers and artists.