Our Campus

Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility is conveniently positioned close to the CBD, Central station and public transport. Our premises are designed specifically to house childcare services and provide an unrestricted environment with supreme safety and security. The Centre is located on Level 2 and can only be accessed via intercom, meaning that no unauthorised persons can enter the premises.

The building uses sustainable materials and utilises natural light and recycled water where possible. Unique features of this award-winning facility including innovative use of plants for natural cooling and filtering of the air and the intricate façade design that follows the natural movement of the sun. The outdoors area is covered with a retractable roof that provides a degree of climate control, so children can spend ample time outside playing in the sand pit, riding bicycles and tending a mini vegetable garden.

We organise our rooms with consideration for needs of different age groups and always are looking for ways to improve our facility to excite, engage and educate children.

We invite you to make an appointment and visit our Centre – call us on 9331 8409 or send an email to children@shnc.org